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Fashion, Music & Mayhem Today is Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sole Mate


Photo of the Day Via Instagram: @LouboutinWorld @ChampagnekidYou can find the pumps here.  Unfortunately, the sneakers are sold out, but you can find other Christian Louboutin sneakers here.

Apartment Sweet Apartment


Plum & Bow Apartment Sweet Apartment Handmade Mat

It's #fuckingfreezing in New York.  On the bright side it is Friday and I've never been more excited and looking forward to a weekend of heading to dinner, working out and R&R.  If you don't plan on venturing out today or any part of the weekend, here's a few additions to spruce up that decor.

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Looks for Less: Givenchy Antigona Tote


The Givenchy Antigona tote has been around a few seasons.  Its been a fave for celebs and street style stars alike.  It you're lusting for it but don't have $1K to drop on it, here's a pretty similar option for way less. 

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Love Cuff


The Week of Love continues with more fab ideas of what to wear for Valentine's Day.  I came across this adorable cuff.  I love dainty jewelry since it pretty much can be worn with any outfit.

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Valentine's Day Round-Up


Valentine's Day is officially on Saturday. In honor of V-day, this week I will features items of love.  Whether it be a love of a significant other, fashion or coffee.  Do you have any plans set?  Whatever you decide to do, these items can work for a dinner date or a casual outing. 

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Of course I purchase some of the items I blog about


The other day I had someone ask me if the items I blog about would I wear.  I was a bit thrown off by the question, but I can understand the curiosity.  While items like these amazing shoes aren't in my budget (yet), I would still wear them given the opportunity.  Needless to say, yes I would rock many of the items I speak of.  Case in point, this Notorious B.I.G. sweatshirt I originally blogged about here.  It was apart of today's #ootd and I received quite a bit of compliments on it.  If you're feeling it, you can find it here

I also posted up on Instagram.  If you're not following me on there, please follow me here

Recreating Street Style Part 1


New York has one of the biggest 'runways' in my opinion.  There's tons of inspiration everywhere.  Each borough/neigborhood has its own style cues.  There's been many times than I can count that I coordinated an outfit based upon what I saw a woman wearing on the street.  While checking out Shopstyle, they compiled pieces for a few of their fave street style looks.  Of course my addiction to pink gravitated to recreate elements of each look on the left and right.  

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Fab Finds


A chic tee to celebrate the Super Bowl Sunday festivities

It's Finally Friday! *Deep Sigh*  This week has been hectic to say the least.  We had a "blizzard" over on the Northeast and just the daily responsibilities with work and personal commitments seem to pile up as a result of being unable to travel for one day.  So as a result I say this Friday calls for a treat.  You might not have had the crazy week exactly like mine.  If you had some issues that threw you off your game this week, why not just relax and of course treat yourself to something nice. 

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Dressing up in Jogging Pants


I've always looked at sweats as pants to lounge in at home or to run to the corner store to grab milk in.  The latest trend is dressing them up.  Hmmm...I wasn't sure how I felt about them until I purchased a pair.  I styled the look with pumps and a cute sweater and I loved it!  I will post it at a later time.  This look inspired my latest discovery.

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Fab Find: Rebecca Minkoff Heart Crossbody Bag


Are you looking forward to Valentine's Day?  I have a tradition of every year my mom and I exchanging boxes of chocolates.  She's done this for me ever since I was in elementary school.  When I was old enough to buy on my own, I would always get her one.  I'm a stickler for dressing for the occassion as I love hearts.  If you're looking to rock a red dress, jeans and a t-shirt or just accessories to compliment your outfit, here's a fab find.

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